Cinders Trailer Wok LP7

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Cinders Trailer Wok LP7
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Cinders Trailer Wok LP7

  • Dimensions - Height 220mm, Length 580mm, Width 340mm

  • Weight - 16 kg

  • Optimum Wok Size - 380mm – 500mm (15-20”)

  • Total Heat Input: - 7kW net (7.75kW gross) at 37mbar - 7.75kW net (8.5kW gross) at 50mbar

  • Total Propane Consumption: - 0.56 kg/hr at 37mbar - 0.62 kg/hr at 50mbar

  • Recommended Gas Supply: - 13kg propane cylinder. (23 hours full rate at 37mbar, 21hours full rate at 50mbar)

  • Input Pressure - 37mbar Regulator supplied and fitted

    The TrailerWok LP7 embodies all the benefits of the StreetWok LP20, but at a more leisurely pace. Intended specifically for trailers and build-ups, the sixteen ‘flower head’ burner array has been compacted to six central burners which throw less heat at the wok pan whilst still providing ‘show cooking’ to attract and delight customers.

    We recommend a minimum 15” wok pan, as the TrailerWok LP7 is in all respects still a professional and profitable wok burner from Cinders!

    CE Approved and certified to the Gas Heated Catering Equipment standards: BS EN 203-1:2014 and BS EN 203-2-1:2014

     Meets all UKLPG Code of Practice 24 Pt3 requirements (Use of LPG in Commercial Catering Events, Street Food and Mobile Catering).

    Suitable for the NCASS ‘QuickSafe’ LPG system for temporary outdoor kitchens. 

    LP7 Practical Features

    • Easily transferred from trailer to tent.
    • Attracts customers for faster profits.
    • Sturdy, durable design from Cinders.
    • Full UK factory support
    • Dependable, as multiple burners mean reliability.
    • Pilot burner design offers total main burner shut down and instant re-light.
    • Large control knob with variable settings.
    • Economic 23 hours from one 13kg cylinder, at 37mbar full rate.
    • Warranty for Commercial use

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