Roller Grill PZ4302D Pizza Oven

Manufacturer Roller Grill
Roller Grill PZ4302D Pizza Oven
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Roller Grill PZ4302D Pizza Oven

Achieve exceptional results with all types of pizza in the Roller Grill Fire Stone Pizza Ovens featuring our unique split heat regulation system: • fire stone base above infrared elements with separate regulation . • thermostat controlled baking chamber with powerful infrared heating elements So you can adapt your pizza oven to give the perfect heat to the base, from the thin Toscanna style pizza though the medium thick Napolitano to the American style deep pan base. Also through the upper thermostat you set the heat depending on type and volume of topping. You give your customers fast , high quality results saving you in time and energy costs. Baking times: Fresh Pizza in 3’30 Frozen Pizza in 4’30 The PZ4302 D can accommodate up to 16” dia or 600mm x 400mm tray pizzas Also when used as a deck oven / grill with low base heat the PZ4302 D can be used with a wide variety of savoury snacks; broschetta, welsh rarebit, ready meals etc Features : Independent deck control; 15 minute timer with constant override position; 350'C thermostat; independent element control, firestone base.
  • Weight     58kg
  • Dimensions (mm)     895 x 580 x 270
  • Oven Type     Pizza
  • Power     5Kw
  • Power connection     3 phase
  • Shelf area     660 x 430
  • Temp C (min)     50
  • Temp C (max)     350
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