Lincat OE8210/R Double Electric Clam Grill (Ribbed Upper Plate)

Manufacturer Lincat
Lincat OE8210 Double Electric Clam Grill (Ribbed Upper Plate)
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VAT: £1,092.60

Lincat OE8210 Double Electric Clam Grill (Ribbed Upper Plate)

  • Cook food up to three times as quickly as a standard griddle.
  • Double griddle plates heat both sides of the food simultaneously, delivering fast, even and repeatable results.
  • Steaks, burgers, chicken and other meat products are cooked quickly, sealing in juices, locking in flavour and reducing shrinkage
  • Ribbed upper plate for attractive branding presentation marks
  • Precise thermostatic temperature control for consistent results and economical operation Independently controlled cooking zones for greater flexibility and economy during quieter periods
  • Digital timer on each clam plate ensures repeatable results
  • Dimensions 642mm High x 800mm Wide x 800mm Deep
  • Electrical loading 17.2KW 3 PN&E
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