Lincat Blu° chef bases


Lincat Blu° chef bases

In busy kitchens where speed is crucial, caterers need quick and easy access to food at the point of cooking, Blu° refrigerated chef bases provide the ideal solution.

Our Blu° chef bases, brought to you in conjunction with our market leading sister company Desmon, Blu° bases allow easy access to stored, chilled food at the point of cooking.

Designed to accommodate heavy-duty Opus 800 series equipment such as chargrills, griddles and induction hobs, the unit has self-closing, heavy-duty drawers capable of holding 1/1 GN 100mm-deep containers, providing convenient bulk storage for meat and fish. 

The Blu° chef bases are powered by a three-pin plug, therefore requiring no installation. For ease of cleaning, the units have removable drawers, rounded interior corners and removable rubber magnetic door gaskets. They are supplied on castors, making it simple to pull the unit out for a deep clean. As with all Lincat products, the Blu° chef bases come with a two-year warranty.

Ideally suited for...

Blu° chef bases are perfect for the most demanding of kitchens allowing easy access to stored, chilled food at the point of cooking.

Busy Restaurant

Large chain pubs and restaurants

Is your kitchen constantly under pressure to deliver delicious dishes at high volumes? If so, you’ll find Blu° chef bases speed up operations.

High Productivity

High Volume Kitchens

If you need to cook a vast quantity of meals, Blu° chef bases will improve the efficiency in your kitchen.



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