DFCE Ltd have been successfully trading for 14 years, this however does not tell the full story, our director David Ford has 40 years experience in the commercial catering equipment industry. This started whilst trading as an electrical contractor, he was requested to wire up some hot pass counters, for at the time one of the largest and most successful fabricators/kitchen houses in Europe.

This progressed to on site installation and eventually, project managing their projects in the UK and worldwide, by now he was hooked and has remained in the industry since. He carried out many prestigious projects for this company and others working as a freelance Project Manager and gained a good reputation, in delivering large or small projects for various Kitchen houses and was hired to manage numerous prestigious projects, again overseas and in the UK.

DFCE Ltd was formed, continuing to providing project management to the commercial catering equipment industry, we recently decided to expand our business by supplying catering equipment and other related services, the products we have chosen are based on David’s 40 years experience and the good relationship he has built up with our suppliers. 

Whilst DFCE Ltd  preference has always been to supply the best equipment possibe, we also understand that this attracts a financial premium, and at times there is a budget to meet, we have therefore included equipment that we feel gives excellent value for money.

Warranties, we have taken the decision, where possible, to provide prices to include the best warranty availible on the equipment, we can of course, where availible provide certain equipment with a parts only warranty, at a cheaper price. please be aware of this when you are comparing prices.

We hope this gives you the confidence that we are not just another internet trader, but have extensive experienced in our industry, we are happy for you to make a one off purchase from us, however are always looking to build long term relationships with our clients and are always ready to offer free advice.  Please ring 01622 853925 if you need any assistance.

We hope you like what you see.

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